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  AYURVEDA a reckoned ancestral concept of scientific living has been passed on by generation to generation across the Indian sub continent.  The doctrine of Ayurveda is a balancing act of three bodily humors or doshas VATA, PITTA & KAPHA to ensure existence of perfect health.  A body in which these three humors are in a state of equilibrium enjoys perfect health; their disequilibrium causes ill health.  Ayurveda beyond shadow of any doubt has proven sole remedy to all enigmas in the areas related to Healthcare providing long lasting solutions.  
  Ayurveda is also a well-established alternative Medicine across the globe for non-curable diseases like AIDS, CANCER & DIGENERATIVE DISEASES.  Ayurvedic medicines have been accepted by all sections of people across the globe, which enthused Ayurvedic companies to assume importance in reaching their innovative products to all places of world market.  This global acceptance of Ayurveda inspired the traditional manufacturers to introduce their potential products focusing on herbal therapeutic measures a derivative gift from Mother Nature, which will root out the main cause of disease not mere the symptoms.  
  Ayurveda theoretically promulgates the awareness about how one can live a life in harmony with nature, with its laws and the pulses.  While in practice it lays down, how important it is for us to follow a well controlled food habit and our daily routines. Health is most important of all the wealth that one can acquire; despite this fact many of us continue to neglect this vital point.   
  Ayurveda’s approach towards keeping good health is not merely limited to keep a disease away or keeping the body fit, it refers to exalted state of well being from over all perspective in order to lead a happy and free life.  



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